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North Carolina Energy Reform

If North Carolinians want more affordable power prices, cleaner energy production, and more innovation, then a competitive, wholesale electricity market is the right solution for North Carolina.

Wholesale power markets…

Southeast states consistently rank at the top for the highest residential electricity bills and at the top for highest wholesale electricity costs in the country.

For decades, wholesale power markets have been saving electric customers billions of dollars in the United States by fostering competition and innovation.

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Allow consumer choice

North Carolina’s energy market is currently a monopoly. A wholesale energy market would change that- and allow for consumers to choose from an array of affordable energy options.

Promote renewable energy

The vast majority of clean energy economic development happens in states with wholesale power markets.

Increase reliability and innovation

Since the introduction of wholesale markets, generator performance has improved substantially, lowering costs and improving reliability for consumers.

Save electric customers billions

A competitive market means that energy providers are incentivized to produce the regions’ lowest cost resources, and deliver savings to electricity consumers.

Wholesale power markets have a proven track record of decreased rates, reliability, and renewable energy growth in many regions of the U.S. Currently, wholesale power markets cover 35 U.S. states, and serve over 2/3rd of the country’s electricity consumers.

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